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Denver Tree Service, Tree Removal & Snow Removal Since 2004

Family Owned Local Service

Environmental Tree Care LLC in Denver, CO is a family owned business, serving Denver families, businesses and municipalities since 2004! We are licensed, bonded and ready to care for all of your tree service needs. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we will take care of your trees promptly and professionally. There are many tree service companies around Denver, CO that are here today and gone tomorrow. We have served thousands of folks, just like you, with uncompromising quality and service.. As natives of Denver, we understand trees and we also are familiar with the unique needs of the Front Range. Frequent drought conditions, pests (such as the Ash Borer beetle) and many other factors means that it is very important that we care for our trees the right way.

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Licensed Denver Tree Removal Service

The mission of our company is to preserve our precious Denver trees whenever possible. But as the number one tree service in Denver, CO, we know that removing trees is sometimes necessary. When borers or other pests damage our Denver, CO trees, a certified arborist company may be necessary to remove dead or dangerous trees. As an emergency tree service, we can respond quickly and assess the situation promptly.

When working with Denver trees that often weigh in excess of several tons (or much more), we are absolutely committed to the highest of safety standards. Thinning, pruning, trimming and especially tree removal presents significant safety risks which demands the highest level of professional knowledge. These risks also require specialized machinery and equipment such as chainsaws, bucket trucks, woodchippers, stump grinders, cranes and much more. As the premier emergency tree company in Denver, CO, we know how to get the job done right the first time.

The truth is, not all Denver tree removal companies are created equal. Many tree removal companies are small operations that do not have the required equipment and insurance do deal with this unique service. Not only are we concerned about the safety of people, but we are constantly planning and working to ensure the safety of private property. When a massive tree limb or even an entire tree falls on a building or a car, it obviously presents a tremendous danger to lives and property. These are just some of the reasons why it is so important to hire a Denver, CO tree removal company such as ETC, which is properly insured, bonded and trained in the right use of equipment and safety measures.

So what about tree removal cost? It is true that removing trees is not the most inexpensive job. As your trusted Denver tree service since 2004, you can be sure that we will attempt to keep your tree removal cost as low as possible.

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All Tree Services

We provide all tree services, including:

  • Tree Trimming (Tree trimming to allow proper tree growth)
  • Removing Dead Branches (Dead branches can shorten your tree life)
  • Stump Grinding (Stump grinding to remove your unwanted tree stump)
  • Certified Arborists (Certified arborists help you determine the health of your trees)
  • Storm Damage (Repairing storm damage to your trees)
  • Emergency Tree Care (Call us for immediate emergency service response)
  • Tree Pruning (To keep your trees healthy and strong)
  • Tree service Denver (serving Denver and the whole Front Range)
  • Tree Planting (We can assess all your tree planting needs)
  • Landscaping services to provide curb appeal and beauty to your home or business
  • Removing trees and branches near power lines (line clearance)
  • We are a local tree company serving your Denver area zip code
  • Tree fertilization (Your trees need food too)
  • Removing snow or repairing trees due to snow storm
  • Services approved by the state department of agriculture
  • Any other tree work you may need (estimates available for all tree work and stump removal)
  • Get help with all of your tree services now. Call (303) 368-8454
  • Our customers highly recommend us as the premier local tree service!
  • Free Estimates (We provide free estimates for homeowners and businesses for all tree services).
  • Highly rated customer service!

Denver Trees Are Under Attack! Watch the Video to Learn More…

Denver Tree Service

Need tree services in a jiffy? We can take care of all of your tree needs quickly and sustainably.

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Denver Snow Plowing

Need your parking lot or driveway plowed? We can take care of all of your snow removal needs fast.

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Denver Landscaping

Want to turn your ordinary space into something beautiful? We are professional landscape designers!

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Get premium, local and seasoned firewood? We provide all of the wood to keep you warm.

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Explore Recent Work

Following are just a few examples of our creative and professional services. Whether you need tree trimming, a stump removed, your snow plowed or your yard transformed into a beautiful and sustainable space, at ETC, we’ve got you covered.


Our Core Values

Environmental is committed to upholding our core values because you, our customer deserve the best. Period. We are always striving to be better and to provide you with the highest quality service and customer care.

What Our Customers are Saying…

Our customers highly recommend us as the premier local tree service!

“Dear Ken and the Environmental Team,

We are so pleased with the work you’ve done on our trees. Where they were once so gnarled and dense, now they are shapely and beautiful! Everyone was so knowledgeable and so professional-we are so happy and so grateful for the work you’ve done. Thank You!”

“Ken and his crew from came out and did a great job pruning and shaping our beautiful spruce trees. The work was top quality and the service was great. I would highly recommend this company.”

“I was afraid that Ken would have to use a crane to remove many damaged trees from my yard. They were able to do the job without having to bring in a crane-saving me $2500! Thanks Ken, great job.”

“Ken and his crew did a great job for us. I would recommend them to anyone.”
MARILYN, Jeffco Housing Authority

“Thanks for doing such a great job-looked awesome!”


Latest News

Want to keep up with us? This is where we post some of the latest news, along with articles about the services you care about. Click any of the posts below to read up on our work and research.

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Denver Snow Removal Service - http://bit.ly/denver-snow-removal Environmental Tree Care, LLC has been providing Denver Snow Removal Service since 2004. For Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services, Call (303) 368-8454 https://youtu.be/k5ihJsraeMI


Trusted Partners

Many tree companies come and go, but we know that in today’s competitive business environment, successful companies are marked by trust and integrity. This is why we aim to work with Denver area organizations to ensure the highest confidence in our work. When you work with ETC, you are working with a local and trusted company that cares about you and will be here for you for many years to come.

Caring for Denver Trees Since 2004

We can handle your project, no matter what size. We work with homeowners, municipalities and large corporations, providing tree care, snow removal and landscaping design.


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